Spell Caster

Kuma Hassan is the son of Sundi Hassan, also known as the "Fire Priest." Since the age of five Kuma has been primed to continue his families legacy in giving the World the gift of the Seven Gates. He travelled to Ancient Sumaria at age 12, within one year he had done what only Sundi had accomplished. By age 13 he was inducted in the oldest convent known to man "Necron Exmorte." For those who know the true pronunciation, I ask you to forgive and I'm sure you'll understand that because of certain institutions I must not reveal it's true identity or give justification to it's enduring existence. Ten years after beginning his tenure a great war ensued between the aforementioned conflictors. Kuma and his convent went underground safely away from their oppressors. He was said to be dead they thought, but they were wrong. Kuma survived. His trials and tribulations though unspeakable, they served him well. Stronger, wiser, and more in tune with all that is. Kuma, dedicated to his study of Black Magic, has mastered it and is the last in his line and like the North Star his singular life will guide us in the night and bring hope to all.

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