Spell Powders

Magical Spell Powders have many uses when it comes to casting. These include raising the power of casts, talismans, and as a connector between either you and a spellcaster, you and the target person, or you and candle spells.

Physical contact is not necessary but if the situation lends itself it is recommended unless it's a candle spell.

A candle spell consists of the user writing out the name of the target (full name if possible) on a piece of paper, and placing the paper underneath a Magic Candle. Next the entire Magic Candle is heated and rolled in Magic Powder. When rolling you must make sure to apply enough pressure to get an even coating. Next you carve the same name as written on the paper and your intent for the target into the Magic Candle very carefully as to not loose more Magic Powder than necessary. Then you shall light the Magic Candle and burn the paper with the Magic Candle stating your intent. For example: I light this candle so that my promotion shall come quickly.

Spell Powders may also be used in luck and love. For luck you sprinkle powder in your wallet, purse, or rub into the palms of your hands.

Magic Powders may also be used to increase or recharge the powers of your Magic Talismans you simply rub powder on Talisman and leave it on an open window over the course of one full night.

All handmade, no fillers Instructions for use provided with your order

Spell Powders are 1/2 oz volume per tin packaged in round metal tins with a decorative label.

Compel $44.99
To have someone
do your command

Lust $64.99
(speciality) To get that
hot naked date!

Love $54.99(speciality)
For Greater feelings
of love and connection




Money Drawing $44.99 To bring money your way

Fast Luck $44.99
To bring luck into your
life or gambling

Easy Life $44.99
To simply make life
easier and more enjoyable, brings about good feelings

Custom Spell Powder $99.99
Tuned to your needs and desires

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