Money Spells

Do you find yourself working hard just to take steps backwards and there is no end in sight of the mounting pile of bills? Do you know most people with money have it because they were at the right place at the right time? Is this luck, coincidence, fate? No! The universe favors those who are in tune with it, that is why you are reading this now. It has guided you to the first step with these spells the universe will answer your call. This is what you've been waiting for, the fortune that was meant to be yours, will now be. Whether it's money for bills, school, or a life of luxury. In the past you may have been blind to the opportunities. This spell will open your eyes. Smart investments will literally fall into your lap. These transformations take a little over a week and the satisfaction is always mine. I receive countless letters on the changes made in others lives. Promotions, lottery wins, business success, but many times its the unexpected, the simplest answers will appear.

In working I will cast for one full lunar cycle so there is a limit of clients I may accept per cycle. I shall pray to Zuku the Necro God of fortune and spirit. Then Is hall raise an offering to Azatoc. With these two Gods at your side there's no doubt why there is such fast results.

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