Custom Spells

In most cases lives are so complicated a powerful, but general spell may not work and it must be specified to a persons specific and complicated issues. Circumstances must be taken into account and targeted by the spell.

You see, there has been times where a man wants to be loved by a girl, and that part is easy, but what if this girl is in another state or country? In this case I cast a spell so powerful, that within a day she was offered a promotion which came with an opportunity of transfer.

Other cases concern money. There are so many variables. In one instance I had a man ask to be chosen for a promotion between him and another. My money spell hadn't worked. Further investigating this rarity, I found other magic was responsible, the other man had been using white magic to further himself. So I customized a spell to banish all surrounding entities other than those of the Necronomicon, later my clients competitor for the promotion was found to be less than competent and my client had his day.

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