Black Magic Workings

The Dark Arts have been given a bad reputation mostly because of its name. Most people infer "Dark" to mean evil and unholy. This is a big misconception, the Necronomicon relies primarily on the powers of the Moon, stars, and entities of the night such as passion, dreams, and winds.

Black Magic is used best with those who are passionate and faithful in their cause. The more determined a person is the better the result.

Many ask what the difference between White and Black Magic is. White Magic is more subtle and is powered through the Sun and entities of the day. Black Magic can bring drastic changes in ones life, so drastic in fact many earlier practitioners were persecuted. Saying it was the work of the devil is simply untrue, but has made finding a reputable caster extremely difficult, as earlier generations of casters practised in secret with great risks.

Black Magic is just another vehicle in the journey to our goals, but like a bike to a car, it's just faster and more productive.

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